Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Good Reason

I actually have a good reason for not blogging, not returning your phone calls, forgetting various parties/events, and not going to the RS activities I am in charge of....boxes. This is my life for the last couple of weeks. Movers come tomorrow and we will be temporarily relocated for a month or two and than on to our new house in good old UT.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another House Update

Holy Smokes! I just got these pictures from my Momma and I about fell off the couch. Can you believe how fast things are moving? Not long now...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter in Smithtopia

Leaving a snack for the Easter Bunny
Eating the Easter Bunny's snack
The smile is not for me. The smile is the anticipation of the chocolate bunny that she has prayed (she really has prayed) the Bunny will bring her.
Easter Morning
The Loot
We played with all her new stuff and colored Easter eggs.
This face is a combination of too much sugar, too many pictures, and not enough glitter in her sparkle egg kit.
The Easter Feast. I need to express gratitude for my parents. They are the most amazing examples of selflessness and faith that I have ever known. I am so grateful for their love and their patience with me. Thank you for continuing to answer the phone, call after call, after call as I attempted this culinary masterpiece.

Preschool Easter Festivities

Maddie's Preschool Posse
Madison and her best friend Callie
Collecting those Eggs
"Mom, get the picture stuff over with, I have eggs waiting for me!"
On the hunt

Bugz Musical

Madison's preschool class at the Bugz Musical
Some of the bigger bugz
Singing the Ladybug song
The kids did a great job. The musical was really cute and the kids really knew their songs and speaking parts. I am so grateful for the terrific opportunities Maddie has had to grow and shine in her preschool. Thanks SMPK!

Happy Birthday

It's good to be 21 (again?) I love the Maddie's homemade wrapping paper.
Dan and Maddie made me a great cake and we were able to go out to dinner and shopping together. It was a great day!

House Update

Here is the house as it is being framed.
All framed up.
We are getting so excited!