Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July (in August)!

We had a great Independence Day this year. We had a big bash at my parents house with a lot of our extended family. There was yummy food, croquet death matches, fireworks, and games.
This sweet girl ran around all day screaming for the fireworks to start already.
Can you tell she loves her Grandma!
My loves!
The expression tells it all!

Preschool Graduation

We were so very blessed to have Madison be able to attend SMPK this year. It was the most fantastic preschool ever. Her teacher, Miss Karlene, is an amazing woman who poured all her energy and love into her class. Madsion really blossomed and overcame a lot of fears and struggles during the school year.
These are just a few of the wonderful gifts the kids received for graduation
It was bittersweet to say goodbye to all her classmates!
We love you Miss Karlene!
Displaying just a few of her many works of art from SMPK.

Dr. Dan

I am slowly (read turtle-like) getting caught up on my blogging. This post is amazingly past due. In May, my handsome, wonderful, brilliant husband graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science from Rice University. If you count his undergraduate work at BYU that is ten years of school finally under his belt. I can't even describe how proud I am of him and his dedication and endurance. Dan is the most amazing father and husband ever. He always found a way to balance his school, his family, and his church callings. I have to admit that I shed more than a few tears as I watched him walk across that stage. Congrats my love!